Judgement on Jackie Maribe and Jowie Irungu Murder Case Postponed

Author: Dennis Njore

The much-anticipated verdict in the Monica Kimani murder case, involving former TV news anchor Jackie Maribe and her ex-fiancé Joseph Irungu, known as Jowie, has been postponed. The High Court, which was scheduled to deliver the judgment on October 6, 2023, has rescheduled it for December 15, 2023. This delay has left many Kenyans eagerly waiting for justice in a case that has captured national attention.

A High-Profile Case

The Monica Kimani murder case has been one of Kenya's most high-profile criminal trials in recent years. Businesswoman Monica Kimani was tragically found dead in her Nairobi home in September 2018, and her death sent shockwaves throughout the country. Jackie Maribe and Jowie Irungu have been on trial for their alleged involvement in the murder. The case has drawn intense media scrutiny and public interest since its inception.

Justice Delayed Due to Illness

Justice Grace Nzioka, the Judge seized of the matter, stated that the delay in delivering of the judgment, was due to her illness. This development has added another layer of uncertainty and suspense to a case that has already held the nation's attention for years. The delay has also prolonged the wait for closure for Monica Kimani's grieving family, who have been seeking justice for her untimely death.

Key Testimonies and Controversies

During the trial, key testimonies have been presented. One witness testified to receiving a "strange" message from Monica Kimani on the night of her murder, which added intrigue to the case. Additionally, the witness claimed to have been friends with Jowie Irungu and received a phone call from him on the night of the murder. However, Jowie Irungu denied knowing Monica Kimani before her tragic demise.

The investigating officer in the case revealed that Monica Kimani had hosted four individuals at her residence on the fateful day she lost her life. This information raised questions about the events leading up to her murder.


The postponement of the judgment in the Monica Kimani murder case has left many Kenyans and observers anxiously awaiting the outcome. The case, which has been marked by twists and turns, continues to be a topic of intense public interest and debate.

As December 15, 2023, approaches, the nation will be watching closely to see whether Jackie Maribe and Jowie Irungu are found guilty or acquitted in this high-profile murder trial. For now, the quest for justice for Monica Kimani and the suspense surrounding the case persist, reminding us that justice is sometimes a long and arduous journey.